Where it all began

my family

Hello everyone, and welcome to our blog, so about the Cheadle’s there is Papa cheadle (Shane) myself mummy Cheadle (Laura) our first born son Jack who is 8 years of age. Our second born son Oliver who is 7 years. And last but not least our last born daughter Ivy Rose who is 5 years. 

We are based in Hertfordshire and have been here all our lives in fact me and my husband was born and raised in the same village, the same primary school but secondary school was different. Shane is a few years older than myself but I remember him in primary school as our paths crossed. Fast forward several years my family move home up the other end of the village as we called it to a new bigger house. I was introduced at the age of 14 to our new neighbours who had a son and two girls. As myself and Ashley became great friends and rather close, well one day he wanted to introduce me to his best friend, low and behold this was our first real Encounter with Shane and sparks grew from there, the three of us use to get up to assorts and always hanging out, shortly after me and Shane started dating. Fast forward a few years and to the age of 16 I went through a really tuff few years and I went a bit wild that’s another story for another time, while in this time at the age of 17 I use to go to a football club with a friend to help out make food for the match’s and one day Shane was there we chatted for hours and exchanged numbers once again now it wasn’t easy as I was going through a tuff time but Shane use to meet me at my works, I worked a few jobs one was a bar and he use to come in on my shift and keep me company, another was a care Job and he use meet me after work and the rest is history. At the age of just 20 years old we had out first child Jack born 25/03/11, we moved in to our first flat together,a year and half later our second was born Oliver on the  16/10/12 and then in 2015 our daughter entered our family to make it complete. So that’s a little about where it all began. I hope you enjoy our blog as I up date you all with our many story’s. 

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