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First up I would like to say how amazing it is that K’nex is still around, I remember K’nex from my childhood and remember many hours of building my creations. I always remember trying to build the funfair. And now I get the pleasure of watching my children learn through play the same way I did.

What is K’nex ?

K’nex is a construction toy system founded by a guy called Joe Glickman. It was first introduced in American in 1992. There motto is Imagine, Build , Play

K’nex K-Force Battle Bow Builder

K’nex K-force Battle Bow Builder Set consists of 165 pieces made from durable materials. When setting the instructions and pieces Jack who is 10 was slightly over whelmed as this is his first in counter with K’nex. The set is complete with all materials to complete this build along with five darts, a blaster chamber and a quick-fit grip, and the options to create several bows and target practice.

I love that is it the only line of dart blasters that you can design build and fully customise.

Building with K’nex puts our children on a path of STEAM/ STEM subjects such as ( science/ Technology/Engineering arts and maths.)

Plus’s to K’nex is that it strengthens hand eye coordination. Fine motor skills. Learn the art of problem solving and trains the young minds for more imaginative play.

This set allows its builder to get creative in many different way stimulating lots of different ways of imagination.

Once we completed our bow we had to go test it out in the garden. It works perfectly and as you can see by our photo he’s really enjoyed this build.

The K’nex K- force battle bow builder is available at John Lewis Stores for – £24.99 –


Our second K’nex set is the K’nex Rad Rides 12 in 1 Building set for £13 also available from John Lewis stores.

This set encourages jacks imagination and creativity he can build 12 different models. There is over 200 pieces and wheels. The instructions shows a few models that you can build and the rest our available online.

While building Jack got confused as the colours of the Pieces on the instructions didn’t match up with the colour parts that was included. A bit of assistance from mum and looking at the shapes rather than the colours and we was back on track to creating our first car. Although it’s not perfect and the middle dragged on the floor it worked and he was rather pleased with himself.

Jack much preferred the Battle blaster building kit to the cars one.

We was set these kits Gifted for our review in return All images are our own.

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