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Tuff Tray Activity’s Baby Doll Washing Station

May 16th 2020 by Mrs C during Covid-19 Lockdown

Setting up a fun Baby Doll washing station that is aimed at toddlers and early years. This is a great role play activity that will help develop personal, Social and emotional skills as well as being a super fun outdoors water a play activity.My children Ivy Rose who is 5 years old extremely enjoyed this activity.

I have used a tuff tray as a base. And a children’s table as a changing station. You can use any tray to set up yourself.

Any tray water table or an old baby bath or even a washing up bowl.
On to the tray I selected a variety of waterproof baby dolls.

  • Warm soapy water in the two small baby baths.
  • A toothbrush
  • A jug for scooping water.
  • Hairbrush and hand mirror
  • Some soap I’m a pump dispenser
  • Baby bath toys and unicorn bath ducks
  • Small hand towels for drying the babies
  • A baby bottle and dummy

On the table next to the tray I had laid out a black towel as a changing mat and a large selection of baby clothes to choose from.

A toothbrush was a good opportunity to talk about teeth brushing and dental hygiene. We talked about the importance of drying your baby properly and keeping them warm before getting dressed. There was many opportunities to discuss caring for your baby.

Ivy loved washing the babies the favourite part was the application of lots of soap,and rinse, dry, lotion and then repeat.

apart from all the lovely caring and role play fun, this is such a lovely activity for when it’s hot, helping little ones keep cool with some splashing around.

what they are learning as they play

PSE: caring for others, role-playing, understanding about habits , showing understanding of hygiene self care practice and dressing.

Physical: Fine motor skills, doing up the clothing like zips/buttons

creative : telling stories and acting out their rolls as mum dad sister

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