Unique Eyes Dolls

Unique eyes dolls are beautiful dolls with unique eyes that magically follow your gaze. There is three characters to collect two dolls come in play sets, unique eyes Total look Amy,Unique eyes beauty day Sophia and last but not least Rebecca.

Unique eyes dolls are 25cm tall fashion dolls that has big beautiful eyes Sophia comes dressed in a tiered yellow skirt, long sleeved top and pink boots all removable and compatible with the other Unique Dolls in the range (sold separately)

Sophia doll can’t wait to be pampered with her new beauty day set.
The Set includes the Sophia doll,
Vanity desk with drawers and built-in mirror plus matching chair for the doll to sit on.
A range of pretend beauty accessories included (hairdryer, straighteners, nail varnishes, make-up, perfume, make-up mirror and bowl)plus 10 mini make up accessories to store on the shelf’s of the beauty dresser.

Sophie had beautiful long brown hair that is ready to be styled by any young BFF for a passion for fashion and beauty. You can brush her hair and style using all the mini styling accessories.

Unique Eyes Dolls Rebecca is BFF with Sophie and Amy they are inseparable. They all love fashion sports and have many interested and passions. Rebecca had long blond hair and comes with a fashionable removable outfit so you can swop and style with your other dolls.

Unique Eyes Beauty Day Playset with Sophia (RRP £52.49)

Unique Eyes Fun Ride Scooter Playset with Rebecca (RRP £41.99)

These sets was gifted from @flair_gp for our review.

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