The Tiger That Came To Tea

Featuring Gifted box of mixed wooden biscuits from Jaques Of London.

It’s 5pm and it’s time for tea !!

Guess who came knocking at our door with a surprise round box full of the most delicious looking wooden biscuits.?. YUP The Tiger that came to have tea and biscuits with Ivy Rose.

First up Ivy Rose set up the table to play hosts to our guest Mr Tiger, She set out her tea pot/ cup and saucer/ and a tray full of delicious biscuits.

Ivy poured them a fresh pot of tea and added a spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk.

Ivy has chosen the ginger bread man to dunk in her tea, While Mr Tiger gobbled all the biscuits in one quick swoop.

But Mr Tiger was still hungry so ivy got more biscuits out. His favourite biscuit out of them all is the jammy dodger. While Ivy continued to feed Mr Tiger we talked about the story how would she feel if a real tiger came to tea, we laughed and giggled as we read the story.

Key Benefits

  • Imagination
  • Creative Role Play
  • Self Expression of ideas /feelings and thoughts
  • Improving fine motor skills
  • Encourage creative thoughts

There are endless ways to play with the Wooden Biscuit Tin and hours of fun to be had by all.

Kids can role play being a baker, running a biscuit shop or being contestants on a baking show, for example. They might even be inspired to have a go at baking biscuits themselves! It is the perfect way to allow children to express their imagination and be creative.

Ad – featured in our photos is a gifted item from Jaques Of London it’s called let’s pretend Biscuit Tin

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