The Original Stickle Bricks for little hands with big imaginations

I remember Stickle Bricks from when I went to primary school over 25 years ago and they haven’t changed one bit. They first was released in 1969the year man landed on the moon.

They are multi coloured and easy to push together pieces that have small plastic fingers that interlock together anyway possible. There are many abstract shapes that fuel the imagination of young minds. They are super durable and thick to suit busy fingers and little minds.

Each pieces can join together the parts don’t need to aline to connect or come apart. Because of this young minds can fast track there design to achieve amazing quick builds, you can learn with the colours, shapes , create patterns , sorting and then matching again.

Stickle bricks make a great choice for childrens first introduction to construction toys. There’s no tell what new ideas can lead to dreaming up bigger and better creations to put together and then take apart again

Stickle bricks are brightly coloured with a fun texture which make a good sensory play. The child can explore how the bricks stick together which can help develop fine motors skills and imagination play.

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