The Brand new superthings rescue force has landed in to our laps for a closer look. As well as a toy review of SUPERTHINGS we will be hosting a giveaway for you guys to get your hands on a bundle too. Let take a closer look at the packs.

Super assortment of super things

Inside the Starter pack which retails at (£5.99) includes – A Comic guide , A Chrome SUPERTHING , A Mystery superthing

  • A Flaming Bat Metal Jet This is a great way to start off your very own collection
  • Ten pack of superthings which includes one super rare gold superthing which retails at (£9.99)
  • A 6 pack which contains 4 Superthings, 1rescue jet ,one jump wing and a mystery surprise (£7.99)
  • A Kazoom Kid pack contains 1 Superthing and 1 accessory (£5.00)
  • A blind surprise bah (80p)

All the packaging is made so it is fully recyclable. The outer packaging is cardboard and the mini packets with the toys inside are made from paper brilliant for the environment.

The paper 80p blind bags
The collectors booklet is included in the starter pack

What are superthings Rescue?

They are 1 inch mini squidgy hero and villain characters that resemble items such as a piano/ hammer or a rubbish bin. Their are hero’s and villains in this series with 40 recognisable mini characters to collect. Plus we found a Ultra rare!!!

Win A £30 Bundle of Superthings which includes a start pack a 10 pack and more. To enter head to my Instagram page @mrs.c_and_the_three_kids

Superthings Rescue force collection is out now at The EntertainerThe Entertainer , Amazon ,ASDA, Co-Op & Tescos

@superthingsuk #superthingsrescueforce

This is a sponsored post all items was gifted the photos are my own.

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