Super Cute Little Babies

Meet four adorable Super Cute Little Babies

Who are Super Cute Little Babies ?

Super Cute Little babies are adorable babies with unique super powers who have been choosen to protect the environment and to teach children to love and respect nature. The brands message is to supporting human centric learning and inspiring children to embrace a more sustainable living by creating healthy habits and changes to our behaviour.

The characters are unified in their mission to educate others on how to protect the planet. Each Super Cute Little Baby has her own core goals and eco-conscious habits. As children engage with the brand, they will be encouraged to implement these practices into their daily routines, helping to motivate their families to lead more sustainable

Langage, Teamwork, learning and affectivity

Playing with the Super Cute babies range encourages language ability for boys and girls play the phrases and dialogue of their favourite characters and recreate stories with them.

Together with the Super Cute Dolls, boys and girls learn fundamental values about caring for the planet and respect for the environment.

Who are the Super Cute characters?

  • Kala has the super power to control water. It’s really important that we try and save water where we can. One thing we can do to help, is when we’re brushing our teeth morning and night, is making sure we don’t leave the tap running
  • The little Gabi is very cheerful and full of light. She is always happy and loves to collect sunglasses. Playing outdoors in daylight is one of your favorite activities. When you snack on the magic bottle, the Power of the Sun is activated in it. You can heat anything with your hands!
  • Sofi loves plants, flowers and trees. He loves to watch them grow and smell their scents, but never tear them off! Gardens and forests are your favorite corners. She has the Power of the Flora, with her she can grow large plant stems to reach corners where nobody else can.
  • Sisi loves all animals and insects that can fly. Butterflies are favorite! With the wind it feels free and agile, and that’s why it has become its super power. Lift and move objects at high altitude. He loves playing with her friends and is always ready for missions.

Where can you purchase Super Cute Babies?

You can purchase Sofia and Wanda for – £14.94 from Amazon.

Kala and Allie for £14.90 from Amazon

Regi & Snowball for £14.66 from Amazon.

Whats included with Super Cute Dolls?

A 12 cm mini tall articulated Doll. A cute animal friend for you to play with . You also get a Cape, Masks and a pretend baby bottle along with a dog bowl complete with a dog treat.

What age Is the Super Cute Doll suitable from?

The Super Cute Babies age range is suitable for both boys and girls over the age 4 years to 10 years.

All images are my own. Item was gifted in exchange for my review.

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