Stay Active Jump It Wipe Out

How to keep kids active ?

Keeping the kids active and healthy along with being motivated is tuff which is why I’m proud to be a stay active ambassador. They have been helping me with ideas to try and test out a new and exciting range of stay active toys. For this month we have been testing out the Stay Active Jump It Wipe out.

boy in mid air jumping over the moving wipe out bar

What is the game ?

It’s the ultimate get up and go physical activity for young children to help them get moving keeping them fit and healthy.increasing there time away from devices and outside. challenge your children to a show down of skills that will get grandma involved to take on there thrill seeker grandchild to battle that will even get the hardest of children hooked. I have one of those children who hates everything active and he can’t get enough of the challenge. The aim of the game is to be the last one standing and to become the last one standing.

close up of the stay active controls on the unit

With three modes of play built in you will need to take on the challenge and jump against the clock by setting a challenge mode, This will heats things up by making the wipe out bar go faster or it could reverse it creating barrels of laughter as you watch your opponents get wiped out by the moving bar.

Understanding the modes to play

There are three modes of play with the Stay Active Jump It Wipe Out game normal mode – you need to jump against the clock for a set time at a set speed of LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH speed. Challenge mode – Things begin to heat up, as you jump the wipe out bar speed will increases going faster and faster! Reverse mode – The Wipe Out jump bar will randomly change direction, to keep you on your toes, and test your timing, reactions and agility. With a Built in juke box busting out beats creating the ultimate upbeat experience for even more fun as you jump! Includes five different musical tracks. Simply set the song and jump to the beat.

close up of the wipe out machine showing boys feet midair jumping over the wipe out bar

Where to purchase

The ultimate boredom bust game is available to purchase from Smyths for £59.99.price was checked January 2023 It requires battery’s so be sure to purchase the correct ones. which you will need 6 x D Batteries.

what age is the game suitable for

This Stay Active game is suitable for all children who are 6 years and over, and are able to jump, A total of four players can play at any one time.

The game was gifted for our honest review and all images our are own.

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