SPY NINJAS -Chad Wild Clay & Vy Dwaint New Recruit Mission Kit

TOP SECRET Mission Enclosed!! Scroll on if your brave enough.

Oliver with Top secret mission kit

Have you a spy ninja at home ? I do my son Oliver loves to watch chad Wild on YouTube so when he was sent the Spy Ninjas mission kit to try out and review he was jumping for joy about being apart of Project Zorgo.

About Spy Ninjas

Their missions take them on adventures to try and defeat Project Zorgo… the YouTube Hacker group that believe YouTube has become too powerful and is a threat!

Chad Wild Clay, Vy Qwaint, Daniel Gizmo, Melvin and Regina collectively form The Spy Ninjas and their adventures can be discovered on the following YouTube channels….
Chad Wild Clay , Vy Qwaint , Daniel Gizmo and Melvin.
There top secret missions take them on adventures to try and defeat project Zorgo the YouTube hacker group that believes YouTube has become too powerful and is a huge threat.

What’s included ??

The Mission Kit Includes

  • Secret Message Pen that is a normal pen that transforms in to a pen that you can write secret codes and using the blue light reveals the hidden message,
  • Ninja Noise Enhancer
  • Decoder Wheel
  • Codebreaking Guide Activity Book
  • Evidence Detection Guide Activity Book,
  • Spy Ninjas Notebook very handy for your secret messages
  • Spy Ninja Membership ID Card
  • Spy Ninja Certificate of Achievement for when you have completed your training
  • Spy Ninjas Decoder Card and hours of fun
Activity booklets
Field manual Training

At first every ninja must complete their field training and in the manual they will learn how to be a ninja. Such as

  • Stealth Skills – its key to stay quiet when you are following a hacker and always stay hidden
  • Field training 101 DISGUISES-the use of hats & accessories,change your voice ,walking speed and change of hairstyle
  • The spy ninja ways -don’t lie , bravery , honesty , loyalty
  • How to drop a secret message
  • Spy ninja tricks

What’s our first mission ?

Our first mission was to try and decrypt the secret message left for us ninjas using morse code letters to spell out the message. We used our morse code alphabet card to fill out the missing letters and work out what we needed to do next.

Hacker surveillance

Ivys mission is that the security cameras were rolling catching them hackers every move around the city. By looking carefully at the map and following the directions to make the important locations, How many hackers can she find I wonder ???

Working as a team to sort the riddles

In the Evidence detection guid seek and find booklet Oliver and Ivy has do pick a path of footprints at the start and read the letters along the way for there mission objective and then follow the rest of the footprints to the end. They had to use there spy card for this

Do you think you have got what it takes to join the team and take down project Zorgo ?

Certificate of achievement

Once you have finished your training you are a fully qualified spy ninja woohoo!!

Spy Ninjas Kit retails at £27.99 and can be found hereHere

All the photos are our own, this kit was gifted for our full review on it. ( it’s a huge hit )

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