Smoby Garden Playhouse

girl standing next to the smoky house holding watering can watering plants in the plant pots

Does your little one dream of owning there very own home with a garden for them to play house? Well Ivy Rose loves to play house. They say children act like there role models and all I can say is I hope I live up to her expectations. Ivy also loves to do gardening of any shape or form.

As you can see by the huge grin on her face from her beautiful white and purple flowers she really pleased.

girl filling up watering can using the water butt

A brilliant feature of the garden playhouse is this water butt that is attached to the side or the house making use of the rain and stores it in a mini water butt this is how we water our plants that we are growing and taking care of. Nice work Ivy be sure to not to water them to much !

girl following the planting instructions on the clip board

Inside the house is a notice flip board that shows us each step we take to grow a successful garden. How handy is that !

Another cool feature is the potting table where you can tend to your plants. It comes with some cool tools to help you grow a successful garden. a shovel a rake and a dibble. Another cool feature on the outside at the top of the trellis is a cool bird feeder.

girl sat inside the smoky playhouse

As you can see on one side is a green trellis with our hanging plants of two sizes. Also you can see the plant labels so you can make with the plants name.

I love how brightly coloured the whole house is it’s so eye catching. The whole house is fantastic to promote imaginative play. Teaching our children about real life.

How to Assemble?

The instructions was very straight forward to follow. It States that it would take 1.5hours to assemble so with that I set to work. Was easy to find each part the only tricky bit was the small screws as I needed someone to help hold the pieces while I screw the parts together. All parts was easy to assemble but I would highly recommend having two people to assemble together.

picture of all parts included

What age is the Smoby Playhouse suitable for?

The age range that is recommendation by Smoby is 2-7years old, you can easily fit two/three young children comfortably inside.

Smoby has a special coating on all their out doors equipment that protects the little ones from the harmful UV rays

How big is the Smoby Garden Playhouse?

The dimensions for the playhouse our H92.2 W120 D50cm

once assembled the dimensions are 128cm x 132cm x 135cm (L x W x H )

where can you. purchase the Smoby Garden Playhouse

The garden playhouse is available at Argos for £310 price checked January 2023

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