SlingBall – Hook It !! Launch It Sling It!!!

As we are apart of this years stay active campaign I would like to bring to you all another great outdoors activity called SlingBall.

Ivy and her best friend Noah excited to give SlingBall a go!!

SlingBall is a barrel of laughter a very high flying game of sling the ball and then try catch it.

Using the white racket attach the blue rubber loop to your hook on the white racket to send your ball flying through the air for your opponent to attempt at catching the ball in their net. It’s actually quite hard as you never no how far your opponent is going to launch it.

The look of determination on Ivys face.

Don’t just launch it you can fling is or sling it too. The ball can be launched a whooping 18meters which is perfect for staying active the more meter coverage the more running you have to do.

Watch out Noah it’s heading your way at a high speed 🫣

Perfect for family fun in the garden or why not take it away on holiday with you. as it’s super light weight & portable you can fit it easily in your suitcase and take to the beach or even play in the pool as the ball floats.

Will Ivy a catch the ball ??

Benefits of the Stay Active range include…
• Increased mental wellbeing
• Improved movement, balance, coordination, and reaction time
• Improved social skills, self-esteem, and confidence

The stay active sling ball is available to purchase for £14.99

Suitable age is 6+

All images are our own. The item is gifted to us for our review.

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