Simple Elf On The Shelf Ideas

The Absolute Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas you wouldn’t of thought of,

The best part about placing your elf around the house is that the options are endless. You can do something silly simple or extravagant and I promise you that you will have more fun creating scenes than you would think. The best part is that your children will hold on to these memories forever, and what could be better than that.

If you don’t have an Elf On The Shelf after this post you might want to go get one.

1 ) The arrival of the Elf’s comes in many way, Ours normally bring the chocolate calendars and a little note saying We Are Back!! Or you can bake some cookies.

2) For school age children stick their uniform to the wall and hang your Elf from the clothing. Simple and effective and will sure bring the giggles.

3) BRRR it’s Cold outside. A little hand written note and a slice of toast for those chilli mornings.

4) Place a toilet roll that is half unrolled on your stair case with your elf through the middle which will make it look like the Elf is up to no good.

5) Lost Change! by sticking some loose change and pocket items on the sofa along with stuffing your elfs upper body head first down the sofa it looks like the Elf is hunting for some change.

6- Cookies For Santa – If your a pet owner here’s one for you. Leave a note for the kids to find ( Yuk Do NOT leave these out for Santa ! Pop a few dog biscuits and break some crumbs up which makes it look like the Elf is eating Dog biscuits. Leave a special note from the elf.

7- Got ya Grinch- One of my favourite Christmas films is The Grinch so it’s no surprise that we own a stuffed toy or two. Duck taping the Grinch to the doors/fireplace create a mini sign or post it note for the Elf to hold ( I saw him stealing the present)

8- Christmas Jumper Day. Leave your elf with your child’s favourite festive jumper and a little note saying it’s Christmas jumper day. I added an elf washing line for more effect that I picked up from The Range for £2

9- Pedicures- Tut Tut , Poor dad always gets the best jobs. 10 pigs in blanket toes with a fresh bright red pedicure curtsy of the Elf leave a little note with the elf for the kids to find. this one will sure bring lots of giggles.

10 Hungry Hippo – this one will need a little planning in advance all you will need is a small packet of skittles and a pack of kinda hippos and you have a home made hungry hippos games elf style. Write family members names on post it notes.

11 – you can find magic wherever you look! Sit back and relax all you need is a book , Bring out your festive must reads and make a stack with them. Position elf and write a note.

12- wrapping up the entire contents of your kids lunch box in festive wrapping paper with a little note from the cheeky elf’s will definitely bring giggles at school.

13- Do you wanna build a snowman ? I used zimply kids fake snow and a printed note.

14- Hiding your elf in a Lindt chocolate bear or raindeer. I heated a knife with the kettle to cut the bears head off 😂

15- Love you to the moon and back. Make it look like your elf is fly using fishing line some tin foil and a cute message from the elf.

16- A special elf breakfast all the way from the North Pole.let your imagination run wild with this one. Anything with sugar in will do for a nice sweet great breakfast.

17- Selfies while sleeping will bring many questions. For younger children you could always print the selfies picture and place on the pillow or a frame.

18- Elf painting 🖼 brought this mini easel painting set from The Range 99p

19- making it look like you have walked in on the elf’s midway through getting up to no good. Great for us parents who forgot to move the elf.

20- Christmas carols elf style write some funny elf ish carols on toilet paper. This one has been remembered every year since.

21- filling your car/ bedroom or toilet with red and green balloons. Will sure bring the shock factor

22- Gingerbread Decorating treat. Most supermarkets have plain ginger kits.

23- Elf on the shelf cruising away. placing your elf on the shelf in a stylish car/ truck or any vehicle you have to hand.

24- Elf on the shelf loves a freezer let’s face it the North Pole is very chilly so ultimately your elf will feel right at home here.

25- Elf on the shelf making snow angels. Using sugar / flour / talc power to replicate snow. The kids will love to see their elf making snow angels.

26- oh no seems like someone has got them selfs stuck. Help elf on the shelf break free .

27- This idea is an absolute blast because not only do your kids get to look for their elf, they also get to go on a hunt for candy canes. What is more fun than that?

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