Pom Pops – Find . make .Wear

1000 mermaid coloured Pom poms

Have you ever seen this many Pom pops in one place nope I havnt and these are all mermaid themed too with many secrets about this large popcorn inspired box

Fuzzy Pom poms

I’m side each box is a ray of secret surprises in our one as it’s mermaid themed it was full of mermaid themed surprises.

  • A mermaid neckless and pendent
  • A nail file
  • A plain hair grip
  • A jewel sticker
  • A mermaid ring
  • A bracelet with you guessed it a mermaid
  • And a seashell key ring
Look at all the secret accessories that was hidden in the Pom poms
The pop corn carton has secret cut out pictures that you can use to stick your Pom poms on

Once empty out we discovered there was four designs that can be cut out.

Let’s get sticky

I helped Ivy rose cut them out, using the tweezers that was included ivy picked out the colours she wanted to use and stuck them to her chosen design, she choose the heart. And using the glue that was also included we have fun and got creative

Cut out the card pictures to get crafty with

What do you think of her Pom pops pictures?

We have made our own key chain

Next up we decided to take it a step more? We created our own mermaid inspired hair grip !

Let’s get creating a hair clip

We have had a fun afternoon because once we started we didn’t want to stop, we decorated a pencil case and a photo frame too

We have had so much fun creating our own hair clip

To sum up this is brilliant value for your money and hours of crafting still lays ahead of us as we haven’t even made a dent in our Pom pops

Pom Pops was gifted to us for our full review all pictures are our own and taken by us

All photos are our own. This item was gifted for our review

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