Paper FX – Upcycle ! Go Create

How awesome is it that your little one could create anything their little heart desires with the Paper Fx machine. Using any old paper/ magazines/newspapers laying around the house. And your little one could turn them into a stylish coin purse / pen pot or an animal book cover.

What’s included- weave machine, A folding tool to help measure fold and tear your paper, a crinkle roller to aid you to fold the torn paper, and importantly the instructions.
First up we have the simple folding tool. Apply your paper under the larger pink side, hold down firmly and tear, simple. And repeat till you have enough pre torn paper strips.
Next up feed your torn paper in the crinkle machine and turn. This apples lines down the paper to aid in the folding that is needed.
Once you have enough folded parts apply under the large pink strip at the top. This holds them all in place.
To help with the weave that is needed to create the cross cross turn the pink button this lifts the paper making it easier to weave your secondary colour paper or the same colour that’s up to you.
Once you have completed it will look like this. now it’s time to seal parts of the weave with glue.

Now that the glue is dry you can cut off the access parts of paper and you can start to see it taking shape

Can you guess what ivy has made?? It is a book cover with an animal twist

Ivy really enjoyed doing this it’s recommended age is 7+ years, she found it quite tricky to do on her own and required an adults help to complete each stage. I would personally put the age up to 10 years as it’s very fiddly. Saying that was a great bonding experience.

You can purchase your own Paper Fx from Amazon

All images are our own and for a gifted review only.

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