Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker

I remember Mr Frosty the crunchy ice maker from my youth back in the 90’s and how brilliant he was to me when I was little, I vividly remember cutting up the argos book to form my Christmas wish list to Santa and Mr Frosty being number 1 which when I had the chance to review the iconic ice making drink I got goosebumps to be able to share a part of my childhood with my very own children.

Who is Mr Frosty?

If you don’t know this answer then where have you been hiding? Mr Frosty the ice crunchy maker is a Snowman who crushes ice in his tummy filling up his blue draw ready for you to scoop in to your bowls and add your favourite flavour juice to create a tasty chilly slushy treat.

Not much has changed over the years he’s very similar to how I remember him actually, place your ice cubes in to Mr Frostys head, using the blue hat plunger to firmly press down and then turn the red handle located on Mr Frostys back. you will start to build up ice shavings in the blue draw located at Mr Frostys tummy be warned its quite hard to turn and the larger ice clumps can and will get stuck. Once the blue draw is full it will be enough to fill one of the blue bowls ready to add your juice for flavour.

what included in the box?

  • Mr Frosty The Ice Crunchy Maker snowman body
  • Two red Mr Frosty spoons
  • One penguin juice dispenser
  • Two blue Mr Frosty bowls
  • Ice lolly mould which holds three ice lollies and blue lids
  • Yellow Ice cube tray
  • blue ice draw
  • instructions leaflet
  • Top Tips leaflet
  • blue hat plunger for aiding the ice

How does Mr Frosty work?

Mr Frosty grinds up your ice in his tummy, which carefully protected blades are located, these are covered so little fingers can’t be chopped off although it is highly recommended he is used with adult supervision.

what can I expect from Mr Frosty?

Enjoy flavoured ice slush dessert simply crush your own ice and using the penguin bottle to add your favourite flavour, you can top with some fresh fruit for a cool dessert.

How about you freeze your own Mr Frosty ice cubes in the yellow tray provided as normal ice or add your favourite flavour juice for a cool twist to your crusted ice dessert or use your cubes in an awesome drink to cool off on a hot day.

using the ice lolly moulds we made fruit flavour ice pops and added fruit to ours for a cool twist, These are just some of the simple ways we have been using our kit, I hope they have given you some ideas.

Ice Pop Recipe


  • Fresh Strawberries
  • plain or vanilla greek yoghurt
  • cream cheese
  • milk – either dairy or non dairy works fine
  • honey – if using plain yoghurt and need to sweeten a little
  • vanilla extract – only if using plain yoghurt

Add all ingredients in to a blender and blend until smooth, pour your mixture into your ice lolly moults and fresh 4-6 hours, for best results make the day before. They will stay good for a few weeks in the freezer not that they will last this long.

Top Tips

In the top tips leaflet it gives some advice to use the yellow ice mould tray and fill with water then freeze, Once the water is frozen these cubes are then used in mr frosty. Not going to sugar coat it but it was quite hard to grind up these and the red handle that grinds tends to bend, we tried many different methods to see which would work well with mr frosty, our best advice would be add your cubes to a bag and bash the S@@t outta them, add to your snowman for the children to then grind up this was the most effective quickest way we found.

Where can you purchase?

Mr Frosty The Ice Cruncher can be purchased from The Entertainer store at £18.40 as currently has a 20% off which I priced checked May 2023


This item has been gifted for my full review all pictures are my own, I have given my full honest review, this is an AD and I am declaring it as guided by the ASA guidelines

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