Moon Shoes

This summer we have joined forces with character Toys and there stay active campaign this summer where we as a family will be exploring their top rated stay active toys that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use,

In aid to help reduce screen time that we are all having and make some amazing memories while doing so.

I’m not going to sugar coat our first chosen stay active product the moon shoe, we found it really hard to get to grips with the moon shoes BUT that being said we have had a barrel of laughs trying and certainly reduced our screen time.

What is a moon shoe

A moon shoe turns our feet into mini trampolines to help defy gravity, This iconic anti gravity devise is powered by the kids with moon shoes will help kids jump with anti gravity effects while developing balance and Co ordination

They are made of high quality high density plastic with adjustable Velcro close straps. The moon shoe features a self centring shoe platform with non skid grips on the bottom.

While trying to see how many jumps we can do in a minute challenge jack found it exhausting and just had to take a lie down, I though I would take this opportunity to talk to you about what we thought.

We think they are brilliant yup that pretty much sums it up.

I created a few challenges for the kids to do while using the moon shoes such as how many jumps can you do in a minute and how fast can they get from one end of the garden to the other.

Benefits to the moon shoe

  • Lots and lots of fun
  • Lots of giggles
  • Reduction in screen time
  • More family time
  • Make a child rather tired 🥱

Benefits of being part of the moon shoe stay active range

  • Increased mental health and wellness
  • Increase movement and balance
  • Increase coordination and reaction time
  • Increase social skills self – esteem and confidence
Eventually jack did defy gravity and made it off the ground with BOTH feet !

The moon shoes are available at Your local Argos and are suitable for 7 yrs and up !

This is a gifted review for character Toys with all our own images

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