Mini delices

Create your own mini treats with mini delices, Every childs dreams to be able to make and create their own chocolates like Willy wonka.

Getting creative is one of Ivy Roses favourite hobby when she saw this set she immediately started to plan which toppings and fillers she would create.

First up it requires very minimal assembly parts that are included

  • 3x reusable moulds
  • Bowls for melting chocolate
  • Turn table
  • 6x Foil wrappers
  • 12 clear lollipop bags
  • 3x make your own gift box
  • 2x refillable candy tubes
  • Reusable utensils


  • Chocolate -For melting
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Mini candy I.e sprinkles, silver balls

We started off with filling the bowl with hot water and broke our chocolate in to small pieces make sure you mix as it melts. While it was melting Ivy had chosen which mould she would like to use to make her candy. Once melted using the spoon provided (reusable) she filled the lollipop mould and added the lollipop sticks (also reusable).Then came the fun part of creating your design using small candy treats.

Top Tip Be sure to add your candy to the moulds BEFORE filling with chocolate then decorate the top when filled also.

When your tray is full pop them in the freezer for 15 minutes to allow to set.

Once set pop them out and wrap in your candy wrappers that are provided. Then your all ready to enjoy your candy or create gifts that just keep on giving.

Our Thoughts –

I’m loving the Mini Delices it’s very independent play other than supervision with hot water. My children all took turns to make their own chocolates to eat or gift we love that 99% of this is reusable other than the wrappers. Meaning we can keep creating gifts over and over again.

You can purchase your own Mini Delices 5 in 1 workshop from Amazon for RRP £30

Item was gifted for our review. All images are our own and our own purpose.

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