Masha And The Bear

Who is Masha And The Bear?

Although your pre schooler will most likely be able to tell you exactly who Masha and the Bear is much better than I will be able to, But I’ll give it a go!

The whole Tv show focuses on a kind caring Brown bear called (Bear) and a young girl called (Masha) And they live in a forrest in Russia. Masha is friendly, silly and is a super energetic three years old who is always in trouble, and her best friend is The Bear who is a retired circus Bear who tries to keep her out of mischief but is always right in the middle of it. The series is all about there funny adventures they have together,

Ivy is a fan of Masha and the Bear and had watched all the episodes so when we was asked to review obviously I had to say yes. I took Ivy to Smyths Toy store as a surprise and when I told her she could choose toys from that’s right you guessed it Masher and the bear section she was rather excited Smyths

Cute and cuddly bear who is a bit grumpy but nothing more would please The Bear than a good hug he is a 43cm cuddly Bear companion plush for – £19.99 Smyths Toy Store

Winter Bear tree house play set. Everyone can make them selfs at home in the treehouse. Masha made such a mess when she went in to the Bears house uninvited. However the pair soon became the best of friends and have had many fun adventures. The play set cone with Masha figure and Bear who is wearing his Santa’s hat many other accessories including furniture for the home.

Play set is £19.99 Smyths Toy Store and at The Entertainer .

Pink 23cm Soft body Masha Doll to help aid creativity and role play abilities in young children. Maybe they are the huggable Bear or making up the story lines with Masha. She is £19.99 at Smyths Toy Store

Last up we have Masha and the Bear small plush and small doll for £19.99 children can re-enact their favourite scenes the bear is 25cm tall and Masha is 12cm and she is wearing her signature pink outfit. you can find them at Smyths Toy Store

All items featured was Gifted from Smyths Toy store and are from Simber Toys uk

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