Let’s Get Popping!!

The highly satisfying and ever so addictive reusable bubble wrap.

We have been sent two poppers to review one being the ever so highly popular rainbow coloured popper. The second is the same except a glow in the dark version.

So What is a Push Popper ?

A push popper is basically reusable bubble wrap. They come in a variety of shapes & colours but no matter the size or shape they all do the same thing. When pushing the poppers inwards they will make a ‘ POP’ sound, when complete turn it over and start again. Children can pop over and over again.

These poppers make great sensory fidget toys for anyone who responds well to sensory and visual stimulation. This can be those who have additional needs such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD and other special needs and great for relieving stress and anxiety. These have worked wonders with one of my sons and daughter.

Oliver has sensory processing disorder along with anxiety and the popper has worked great as a fidget toy.

We have found these brilliant as a boredom buster in the car, on long journeys

Great for as a game on your own or with siblings/family or friends to test each other’s speed we call this ‘The last popper standing ‘ who ever pushes the last popper looses.

Glow in the dark push popper

Overall thoughts?

Well like most parents I thought it was going to be a five second wonder and be lost or thrown away in no time. Much to my surprise it’s been a very firm favourite by all in the house. I hate to admit it but I find it rather addictive and highly satisfying. The children all fight over the two we have and I would happy purchase more.

Brilliant as a distraction for medication taking.

Where can you purchase?

You can purchase your very own popper at Smyths , Toymaster and Claire’s.

This blogpost has been sponsored with gifted poppers. #HGL #pushpoppers

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