Kids Reviews

  • Masha And The Bear
    Who is Masha And The Bear? Although your pre schooler will most likely be able to tell you exactly who Masha and the Bear is much better than I will be able to, But I’ll give it a go! The whole Tv show focuses on a kind caring Brown bear called (Bear) and a young… Continue reading Masha And The Bear
    The Adventures of Grogu and Ivy Rose It’s no lie that I have a Star Wars fan in my home in a form of a 10year old since I introduced him to it a few years ago. I’m a 90s baby so I was brought up on Star Wars. And it was really lovely to… Continue reading STAR WARS MANDALORIAN
  • Where Creativity Clicks ‘ K’nex ‘
    First up I would like to say how amazing it is that K’nex is still around, I remember K’nex from my childhood and remember many hours of building my creations. I always remember trying to build the funfair. And now I get the pleasure of watching my children learn through play the same way I… Continue reading Where Creativity Clicks ‘ K’nex ‘