Jurassic World Dominion Captivz Egg Surprise

Happy Easter everyone ! Did you have a rawsome time. We had a very different Easter this year and the Easter bunny didn’t leave chocolate eggs he left us with strange orange glowing eggs in our garden to find ? Head to our Instagram story’s and watch more on this.

We have been sent a range of dinosaur eggs in a selection of sizes to review ahead of the brand new Jurassic movie being launched in June of this year how exciting for us Dino loving fans.

Smallest of the eggs

What’s included ?

  • Collector battle guid
  • Battle token
  • Blue slime
  • Three parts of a Dinosaur that you assemble 7 cm in size
  • The egg vessel

Great value for money the small size eggs are available Here at Smyths Toy store at the price of £4.99. There is a total of 14 different dinosaurs to collect and two ultra rare metallic dinosaur to add to your collection.

Medium egg

I love the fact that you can house your Dinos in the eggs after when not in use. Each dinosaur has two parts that click together to form approximately a 7 cm in size dinosaur.

The metallic blue slime that is included we are not lovers of. It’s a personal choice that we are not fans of it. it was very sticky and well slimy a great sensory aspect. We did pop ours in a tub and our Dinos went for a sticky walk. This is not to be consumed and needs adults supervision.

Blue slime with body part from the medium egg

The medium egg is a lovely size which is packed full with different body parts hidden in different element from the films such as amber and sand.

The cost is £12.99 per medium egg and is available from Smyths Toys store.

What’s included

  • 17cm egg vessel
  • Amber jelly with hidden dinosaur part
  • Prehistoric sand with hidden dinosaur part
  • Blue slime with hidden part
  • All parts to form a super sized captivz dinosaur
  • 6 glow in the dark stickers
  • A collector guide
Body part from the medium egg hidden in the sand

There are 3 different assorted dinosaur available to collect from now plus 3 extra new dinosaurs will be available in the second half of 2022 so 6 in total by mid 2022 which is exciting to complete the set.

Amber jelly from the medium egg which had houses a body part hidden

We really like that you have to search and unearth each body part from each section of the egg making us the great explorer and on a discovery to discover hidden dinosaurs in the lost kingdom which makes the eggs super appealing to the young eye. All Ivy would talk about is about how she is a Doctor on a great adventure to discover dinosaurs. I just love how the young minds works.

Mega egg

The massive egg which is approximately 28cm tall housing many breeds of dinosaurs a it’s a wonder they didn’t tear each other apart. This was our favourite of them all as all the parts total up to play a great game and the board is included.

The mega egg is available from Smyths for £24.99

The Tokens

Each token helps you battle is out on the battle field. Containing important vital information about your species of dinosaur such as the dinosaur breed/height / the killer rating/ intelligence and weight of the dinosaur

How to play the game

Using the battle tokens of your team of dinosaurs you pick an area such as heigh or intelligence and read your rating to your opposition the highest will win that round. The full instructions are included

What’s included in the mega egg

  • You get 3x pop n lock Dinos
  • 3 x battle tokens
  • 2x blue slime
  • 1x pull back Dino which is an exclusive new species
  • A games mat and dice
  • Collectors guide
  • A backpack case
  • 2 black eggs
  • 12 stickers
Compels set that is included in the mega egg

There are 3 different Dinos to collect and in the later half of 2022 there will be three new Dinos to collect total of 6.

This was gifted for our honest review all the images are our own and for our use only

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