Jump in with Jump It lap counter – The Toy Review

Jump It – with a three digit lap counter

My first thoughts of Jump it. It looks really familiar But I know for a fact we haven’t had a toys like this. Nor do I remember the kids having ever playing with something like this.

Jump it is not fully assembled

All packaging is fully recyclable bonus points. It requires a few minutes to assemble together, and all items to do this are included. One small screw and the mini screw driver.

Let the fun begin

Once assembled I turned to Ivy to show her how to use Jump It. The large ring goes on the left ankle. And on an even surface give it a little roll out your hand and try jump over the yellow lead/ball with your foot that is not on the ring.

With the ring leg try use the motion as if you where skipping. Slightly kicking out with toes. As we discovered it’s rather hard work.

After around 10 minutes of fun with Jump It your completely out of breath. Make sure you check how many jumps you manage to do each time and press the button next to the counter to reset.

Practice makes perfect

Health Benefits

  • Improves a sense of balance
  • Improves circulation around the body
  • Firms and tones muscles
  • Hand eye coordination
  • Improves mood – it’s fun/ it’s a laugh and make you smile
  • very good for your heart

Guys don’t forget to challenge one another on jump it. How many laps can you do it 10 minutes?

What about an obstacle course around the garden ?

Get all the family members involved and do a relay race?

Jump it lap counter is available at local SYMTHS Stores –


Not just for girls but boys too https://mrscandthethreecubs.com/kids-reviews/


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