Jewel Secrets

Jewel Secrets is all about discovering Jewels hidden in multi coloured bath bomb that fizz away in the jewellery pink box.

Ivy absolutely loved to play dress up and be a princess so this is a perfect activity for her.

What’s included- A secret Pink lock box , fizzy bombs with 30 colourful jewels , and Disposal gloves last but not least easy to follow instructions. Make sure you wear your gloves as some staining can occur on your hands and surfaces it does wash off.
Eager to get started we used the magic key to unlock the pink chamber we opened one fizzy bomb first and dropped inside. Poured water in to the crystal box then closing the lid and lock back up. Then watch the grand reveal of a beautiful coloured Gem. Once it’s fully exposed tip the remaining water away and clean your Gem .

as you can see it’s super fizzy and can take around 3-5 minutes per bomb to dissolve. once it’s ready Ivy drained the water and cleaned each Gem.
Pouring water On the fizzy bomb. We liked that we could re used the lockable pink chamber as a secret jewel storage.
With all the gems you have revealed you can swop and change gems on your earrings/ neckless and rings.

Ivy has loved being creative with the jewellery sets mix and matching to create her own style.

The set is perfect for role play and ivy thought we was doing crazy science experiments.

You can Find out the meaning of the gems you have unearthed. Each colourful gem has a meaning that can be discovered with the collectors chart. There are 30 to look up and discover.

Where can you purchase this set ??

The Jewel Secrets Collections are available from Smyths Toys Superstores.

  • Jewel Secrets Princess Glam Set (RRP £29.99)
  • Jewel Secrets Royal Jewellery Set (RRP £19.99)
  • Jewel Secrets Ring Set (RRP £12.99)

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