Jaques Of London – Tin Can Alley

Tin can alley is a set of 10 tin cans and three bean bags. The concept of the game is simple. Stacking the cans like a triangle You should have four cans in the bottom row, three on top of the bottom row, then two cans and one at the very top. standing a length away from them and you have three goes at knocking them all over. We added the points together of each go. Each can had a number on and we totalled the numbers up and the winner after 3 turns each with the highest number wins 🏆

Key benefits of the game are quality time with your family.

  • Hand eye coordination
  • Accurate launch of the bean bag
  • Physical fitness
  • Strength
  • Team work
  • Mathematics

A brilliant game that is suitable for both older generation and younger generations bring family’s closer together. For players that are just way to good at the game you could introduce a penalty system or increase the distance the need to throw or a good one we though of is a blind fold over the eyes and score keeper needs to spin the player around 2x before letting them throw the bean bags.


Cans: Maximum Measurements of 10cm High x 6.5cm Diameter
Bean Bags: Approximately 10cm x 10cm

The game is available for £10.99 at the moment but the normal price is £19.99 https://www.jaqueslondon.co.uk/products/tin-can-alley-game

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