Jaques Of London Kids Easel.

Jaques Of London has kindly sent us a wooden Kids Easel that is perfect for the young minds to explore being more creative. Jaques Of London have been Established since 1795.That’s a whopping 225years of making magical memories for many family’s leaving each customer full of happiness and joy.Jaques Of London believes in the power of play, less screen time and more hands on real imagination play. I’m just in love with their core values. All of Jaques Of London equipment are designed by UK Teachers which is a real point of difference for them as they like to promote that all the equipment are teacher approved.

Before we could have some fun we needed to set to work to build our Easel. All the Peice was neatly packed in a recyclable cardboard box.

All contents was packed in bags so not to be lost along with the important building instructions.

we laid all the parts down on the table in groups and set to work.

Included with the Easel are 3x paint pots, Chalk , chalk eraser, white board black pen plus eraser.

Just like that within 10 minutes we had a fully functional Easel. Super quick easy to follow instructions.

Ivy Rose has created our home in a very colourful way. She them talked to me about it.

I love that it has two sides one for chalk one white board, means no arguments or upsets as both children can use the board at the same time.

Jack worked on designing his own spider man suit 😄

over all I would highly recommend a children’s Easel from Jaques of London.
You can use my link below to direct you 🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻🔻


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