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Bring a young minds imagination to life with the IDO3D pen, Get set and create your own 3D model straight from your child’s imagination or they can use the two stencil on the instructions to practise before letting there minds run wild.

What’s included

In the box you will find instructions, stencils, 4 pen tops a blue gripper light and four refill colours and a clear sheet of plastic that you can use to draw your design on.

What can you do with the 3D pen?

The 3D pen allows you to effectively draw with plastic. You can work the plastic into any shape and apply it to most surfaces. You can use it to decorate and bring to life your designs.

Once ready follow instructions to load your pen and it’s as simple as a little squish and your off to creating your creation. While the coloured glue is slightly warm and takes around 1 minutes to set cool and harden.

You can change your colour as often as you wish just click in and out the loading blue light. It is fiddly so you may need an adults help.

What do you think we created ?

We choose to use the stencil and create our very own 3D model of a unicorn which Ivy named magic. We also practiced using the moulds and created a bunny rabbit then we moved on to our unicorn.

The whole process was under supervision of an adult and was easy to clean up as we worked on a wipeable table top.

what would you create if you had a 3D pen??

This is an Ad and has been gifted by the company for our review.

Available from smyths toy store for £19.99

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