As we are part of the stay active campaign this year by Character I bring to you HipHopper the fun bouncing hopper.

Each month we are staying active with character to stay healthy.

The HipHopper is a cool spin off to the pogo stick I remember many summers competing with my neighbour’s kids on their pogo sticks to see who can jump the most with out falling off. Who can jump the most distance with out falling off. Who can jump 1000 jumps has to buy the ice creams. The list is endless.

It’s absolutely amazing to be able to pass this well known knowledge of mine down to my children with the new HipHopper only this time it’s a ball at the bottom.

We didn’t get off to a great start. If I’m honest with you we have found we pumped the ball up to much which made it almost impossible to start jumping. Even after letting some air down we all still really struggled to get hopping. The most we have done is two hops which is a big improvement. From not even being able to get two feet on at the same time. We have found it extremely hard as the handle is on a belt that is adjustable to your requirements. So you need to keep the handle tight while you get both feet on the foot board and start bouncing which is really hard to do.

We had fun trying and was great family outdoors time spent together.

If your up for a challenge then you can get your very own HipHopper for £25.00

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