Every young girl loves action packed full of adventure superhero’s right ? Well the brand new Goozonians is out now for them to enjoy.

The Goozonians super hero’s protect the magical relm of goozonia the who gang juggle strange new powers and the royal responsibility while trying to stop the ApoGoolypse.

The magical lands has magical rainbows that flows through everything. goozonians are the most cheery easy going flexible people you will every meet

Many generations ago, a strange force of nature, known as the Stone Heart, turned the goo dull and hardened it throughout the land and in the hearts of the people. It caused natural disasters and a lot of hurt feelings. To save her people, Queen Cinder infused the last of the flowing goo with an ancient magic to create six powerful charms. These charms gave the GooZonians the power to narrowly defeat the Stone Heart and reverse its effects. Fearing that the temptation of using these charms for ill would be too great for some, Cinder hid them across the land. Now the Stone Heart has returned and Cinder’s great-great-great-great granddaughters Queen Ember and Princess Flik must find the charms to defeat it and protect GooZonia from the ApoGoolypse!

Queen Ember
• Ember is the latest in a long line of Phoenixes to lead the good people of GooZonia.
• Key Traits: Brave, Charismatic, Dutiful but Critical.

Flik believes a true princess should be patrolling the realm ready to battle the Stone Heart anywhere, any time.
• Key Traits: Confident, Adventurous, Impulsive but Clumsy.

• Roxy is the Royal Spokesperson and heads up the castle’s social committee. Which is to say, she is the life of the party in GooZonia.
• Key Traits: Glamorous, Naïve, Generous but Superficial.

• A singing, dancing, acting triple threat, she’s the Artistic Director of the Royal Performance Company. She keeps the girls entertained when they need a break from studies and Stone Heart missions.
• Key Traits: Enthusiastic, Creative, Opinionated but Overconfident.

• Isla is an avid surfer and animal lover. Hailing from a small village on the Bay of Shimmer Slime, she’s the most environmentally aware GooZonian.
• Key Traits: Easy Going, Independent, Optimistic but Forgetful.

• Glyde is a shy, enigmatic introvert who loves to puzzle out problems and strategize ways to stop the Stone Heart.• Key Traits: Shy, Inventive, Passionate but Insecure.

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