Glo-Up Girls Show your Glo

Ivy Rose has been sent the newest on trend fashion doll which has over 25+ surprises and an exciting face mask for the doll and Ivy.

Ivy has the doll called Sadie, There are 6 Glo-up girls to collect and you guessed it Glo-up. Ivy couldn’t wait to get started, Firstly we opened up Sadie she is dressed in tie-die pjs and has a cute face mask that match’s.

Firstly to access the face mask you add a bit in the spa and drop them in, This will then expand, key note is to use warm water as these masks will be put on to child face.
After a few seconds the masks will be ready, Gently open and apply to both Sadie and Ivy, Ivy got comfortable on a pillow and had a relaxing time.
Once completed we used the water in the spa to add the pink fizzy bomb. I wonder what will be revealed??

On close inspection once the fizzy has stopped it revealed a cute mini make-up brush.

Use the make-up brush to gently reveal Sadie hidden makeup.
No pamper session is complete with out a manicure or pedicure. Using fresh water dip Sadie’s hands in the water and watch what happens. once completed do the same for Sadie’S toes.

Now that the pamper session is completed you can reveal all the secret items. One of them is a second party outfit for Sadie and now she is officially ready to go to a party.

You can also go check out the new YouTube series The Glo Show ( click to open )

Also available is a website to check out

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This Is a sponsored blog post and contains gifted items and links.

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