GIGABOTS-Energy Cores Grip Bot

girl holding giga bots energy core hyrobot fully packaged

Story behind the GIGABOTS

The GIGABOTS energy cores For a whole millennia the GIGABOTS have been stuck on planet earth lay dormant inside energy cores. During a recent deep core mining expedition several GIGABOTS were discovered and activated by a huge lightning strike. Utilising the lightening strikes pure energy the GIGABOTS can reconstruct their energy cores into battle mode

The energy core can transforms into an incredible 33cm GIGABOTS action figure, Each GIGABOT includes 33 pieces that are easy to assemble using a simple snap in connectors method. The entire case of the energy core is used in the build.

close up picture of all parts ready to be assembled using the instructions

GIGABOTS can be built and disassembled over and over again as the kids play with the characters they can choose to keep the BOTS in energy core mode or figure mode. Having the GIGABOTS in core mode make for easy transportation and storage. You can scan a QR code for each models instructions along with each character Bio.

close up of girl assembling the GIGABOT

Once built each figure is fully possible. Giving freedom to movement down to the child they can create there own battle scenes or go ahead and recreate from the series.

what age is the GIGABOT suitable for?

Age suitably is from 6 years upward and for anyone who enjoys the Series. It does contain small parts that could easily wonder so be mindful if you have small children under 5. The build it’s self is simple with a few easy to follow steps these steps are all online also if you loose the paper copy . The click in method may require some adult assistance as we found it quite hard.

girl assembling GIGABOT

Key Characters available to collect?

  • Hydrobot – Leader of the GIGABOTSs his weight stands at 52835.5 KG and his Power capacity is 80,134GJ. His weapons are a Blaster with a range of 3000M and a H20 Blade range 2M colour is Blue & Red
  • Hazebot – Demolition Specialist, His weight stands at 49342.4KG and his Power Capacity is 76.685GJ. His weapons are a Plasma Blade with a range of 2M and an Energy Hammer range of 2M his colour is Yellow.
  • Scrapbot – Cheif Builder/machanic, His weight stands at 50891.2KG. Power 77.432GJ. His weapons are an Energy Saw with a range of 2M and a Disrupter blaster range of 1100M his colour is Brown
  • Blaze – Leader of Scourge, weighs a total of 60323.0KG, power capability 81,435GJ. His Weapons are a Lava Blade with a range of 2M and a Fission Blaster range of 3400M colour Red
  • Fragbot – weapons Specialist- weighs a total of 53772.4 KG and power of 83.122GJ. His weapons are Katana range 2M and Rail Gun range 2100M colour Green
  • Gripbot – The Scout – weight57535.0KG and power of 83.875GJ. His weapons a Shockblade range of 2M and a Gernade Blasted range of 80M colour black
  • Torbot – Beast – weight 7733.5KG Power 98.673GJ. Weapons are Plazma Cannon range 4500 and a Fusion cannon. Choosen range of4000W. Colour Blue And Red
  • Araknix Beast – a weights -10166KB Power 100t595 his power is 100,8GJ and colour is brown
  • Collect both the beasts
picture showing the online leader board of Hyrobot

Where can you purchase a GIGABOT?

picture of the QR code to access GIGABOTS stats and online videos

This item was gifted for our honest review and each image is our own

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