Games Night In With The Kids

As the festive season draws closer and closer we have began to think about christmas games to play with the kids and our family members. We have two games to share with you which was a barrel of laughter for both parents and children of any age that could play.

First game we tested was Shoot The Poop !!

This game is hilarious and has become a firm favourite of ours already. All players must shoot their toy poops in to the talking toilet bowl who’s sensors are activated by the on coming poop. The toilets name is Tank.

Two people can shoot their coloured poops at the same time, 6 poops in total per person.

To play simply place your poop on the poop launcher aim and SHOOT. The first player to shoot all their poop into the tank wins the game.

Any amount of players can join in and we even had a leaders board going, We added timers and even introduced blind folds the possibility’s are endless.

Our second game we tested out was called PICK-UP PETE!

Here is Pick-Up Pete

Our second game is called Pete and he’s a red Pick-up truck. This is a stacking game but with a bit of a difference.

There is four players that can play at once and the idea is that all the players must pile up the chairs while Pete drives around. The winner of the game is the first person to stack all their coloured chairs on the truck as Pete passes by them without any of their colour chair falling off WINS!

Jacks the winner this time

We have found both games really enjoyable to play as a family and against anyone who wishes to join in. They are both simple to play and enjoyable with out it being to hard or complicated. It’s always the most simplest of games that take the least amount of time that we enjoy the most with out anyone getting bored. We also enjoy putting our own spin on things I can see this holiday season will be a huge barrel of laughs even when the kids are asleep 💤

These game have been gifted to us from Flair GP for our honest review all images are our own.

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