Easter Rainbow Competition Of Appreciation

our school that my children attend sent an email over the Easter holidays,

The children have an option to enter the Easter Holiday competition, As us pupils, parents and carers want to say a massive THANK YOU to our amazing staff that are supporting our children physically and virtually through this difficult time.

so the children needed to get there imagination working to create a rainbow in any media at all , cakes, sculptures, art, garden based, songs, dance, science experiments

There is a prize for the best entry , the most funniest entry and the most ecological entry.

This is my eldest sons entry, A huge rainbow made entirely from Lego, which took up several hours going through many boxes of Lego to source his idea. He then decided he wanted to make a hospital see grey building. He then said mummy I need Doctors, Nurses, some plants and a pathway. And as you can see that is exactly what he added.

Last but not least he made a 3D sign saying NHS. Now jack has really struggled to get into working from the home environment with very little to minimum work being completed. But this was right up his street. We worked incredibly hard for at least half a day and was all his idea. He is in year 4. My fingers are firmly crossed for him.

How have you shown your appreciation to your children’s teachers

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