Easter Bunny Gift Bags

DIY Easter bunny craft bags are the perfect quick craft to hold all those mini treats on Easter you can fill with chocolate or an alternative treat. They make perfect gift holders for friends and family members giving it the wow factor. The

Materials you will need

  • Brown wrapping paper
  • glue or glue gun
  • coloured ribbon of your choice
  • Pom Pom for the tail
  • pencil , scissors black pen
  • chocolate or alternative gift

How to make a paper bag

it’s all in the folds

Step 1 To make a paper bag all you need to do is a series of folds. To start fold both side in to the middle and glue together.

Step 2 fold the bottom over one way around 5-8 cm

step 3 fold the the too side inward to create a

step 4 fold the two diamond corner in the middle and secure using tape.

Once you have made your bag you can draw two Easter bunny ears and cut them out using scissors.once you have drawn you bunny face on the front glue a bunny tail on the back using a Pom Pom or a white cotton ball.
fill with your choice of treat and tie using a ribbon.

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