Let your Crystal power shine !!

Crystalina dolls are super cute light up mini fairy dolls. They light up with multi-colour aura patterns that empowers you with there unique aura.

Here I picked up Turquoise and Rose Quartz.

To activate firstly press the button on the bottom of the fairy doll. It will then start to flash multi colours and run through around 10 different colours

Using the leaflet that comes with the fairy you can decode the superpower Aura which is to Inspire Love and Kindness.

The lights will stop and flash between 2 or 3 colours in a pattern. You can then use the chart to work out what the fairy is reading from your aura. 1 – make a friend, 2 protect your family, 3 Heal a broken heart, 4 Find true love, 5 be brave and confident, 6 increase wealth, 7 succeed when tested, 8, Boost Luckiness, 9 overcome a challenge 10, ward off negativity.

Each Crystalina sprite has a superpower aura. To access this shake the sprite for several seconds to display it.

To select Crystal colours use the amulet to focus the power of a single Crystal colours. To get this press the amulet button to cycle through 1-10 different colours this is a possibility to select a shared aura or Crystal colours

The shared aura colours are 1 Love, 2 Luck , 3 Healing , 4 wisdom, 5, Courage, 6 creativity 7, confidence, 8 Compassion 9 Optimism 20 strength.
Each doll comes with a crystal amulet necklace that can be worn.
Ivy loves the fact that they light up and change colour
We have really been enjoying playing with the fairy dolls they are small and good value, Ivys favourite part is the changing lights.

Each doll comes with a moon stand and on the back the crystal necklace clips in on a hood so that the moon then can light up too. Each doll has soft brush-able hair and comes with one clip you can add to the doll or your own hair while playing with them.

Each doll has different crystal colour sequences Auras for Turquoise super power is to Stimulate Healing

Crystalina is available at your local Tescos store

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