Crystal Art Cards -Peter Rabbit

Flopsy mopsy and cotton tail

How absolutely adorable is this Beatrix potter crystal art card that we have been sent by craft buddy shop, They launched a new line of Peter rabbit crystal art on the 28th February. it’s basically like paint by number but in a crystal form.

Each card comes with a complete kit so there’s no need to worry about not having the tools to complete the card, they are suitable for children from 8 years and up making the perfect bordom buster.

In each kit you get –

  • The card
  • A crystal pen
  • Wax which is used to stick the crystal to your pen
  • A tray
  • Many bags of crystals labelled with a letter
  • An envelope
  • And some plastic resealable bags

Each dot on the card is clearly marked with a letter, and in your kit comes crystals in a sealed bag with the letter marked on so your child knows which colour goes where. I highly recommend only focusing on one colour at a time. And peeling a section at a time so nothing else sticks to your card.

Once ready use the wax and fill the pen with and then you will be able to pick up a single crystal to then transfer to you second on the card. Once you have completed all the same letters using the sealable bags to seal any left over coloured crystals in you can move on to the next letter and colour

As you can see the card is taking shape the flat areas hasn’t been completed yet and the bumpy area has crystals stuck to it. There’s no need for glue as the lettered dots are sticky making it easy for children. We didn’t need to worry about making a mistake because it was easy to take the crystal off.

We have really enjoyed a fun filled afternoon creating our master Peice to give to our family

You can purchase your own kit from Craft buddy shop

Disclaimer This kit was gifted for our review

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