CAT Construction Vehicles

Bringing construction vehicles to life with CAT Vehicles. In my blog you will see a couple of different sizes vehicles. Cat Mini machines and two larger machines that have sounds.

CAT Mini Crew are push powered mini construction vehicles. Be completely in control of each digger with Posible buckets that are able to move up down sideways for a more imaginative play session.

The Cat Mini Crew are perfect for indoor & outdoor play. They are very tough and are built to withstand the natural elements of the great outdoors.

I love how all the children are using there imagination for independent playtime. We have enjoyed digging in the mud / sand and jelly to test which element was most successful.

The large power hauler vehicles takes 3 AA battery’s for the realistic sounds at a touch of a button. They Have large bucket scoops for moving larger items such as sand/stones. Both large hauler has leavers to assist with the smooth operation on the trucks.

The mini crew we have been using in our home schooling. We used ours as a learning resource. I had drawn several numbers on our board and added buttons to the center and my daughter had to use the diggers to move the correct amount of buttons with out loosing anyone. It’s quite hard.

At home maths

The fork and shovel can be used separately but they also connect so they can be used as a scooping tool for use in the sand. These would make great sets to take to the beach, along with a bucket, to keep a little one amused.The Cat® toys are made from robust plastic and are to withstand the full force of little hands.

You can purchase at Tescos


Cat Toys range is also available elsewhere such as, The Entertainer

This was Gifted to us to review

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