Care Bears / The True Heart Bear

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The Care Bears to think they have been around that many years. We have True Heart Bear. True Heart Bear is a Care Bear who was one of the two co-founders of Care-a-Lot in the original series along with Noble Heart Horse.

The True Heart Bear is kind, affectionate and attentive. She is loveable, friendly and a wise care bear who always tells the truth True Heart Bear shows how the best, truest part of each of us radiates from what’s in our heart. She has a five point multi coloured star with a heart in the middle. And her fur is a beautiful pastel colour.

True Heart Bears fur is super soft like the rest of the bear collection and made with high quality. She has a pink heart on her bottom showing it’s authenticity with Care Bears written. And a cute pink heart for a nose. She has two hearts embroidered on to her paw feet.

Each bear is 14” inches in size and absolutely perfect for lots of cuddles. She comes with her very own collectable coin so you can show the world how much you care.

Where to buy a care bear? They are suitable for years 4yrs and over and are available in store at places like Smyths , John Lewis for RRP £16.99

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