Care-A-Lot 40th Anniversary Bear

Care Bears are celebrating their 40th Anniversary this year and have introduced the Care-A-Lot Bear to mark this occasion. This year Care Bears are celebrating 40 fabulous years of caring. To mark this occasion we have been challenged to 40 days of caring starting August 1st and ending on share your care day on the 9th September.

About Care Bears

Since the 1980s, Care Bears has helped kids and families learn to recognize and express their feelings through the different emotions each Care Bear represents.Each original bears name was related to the feeling they represented Grumpy, Tender-heart, Cheer, Bedtime, Wish and love a lot . The bears are multi-coloured bears with unique pictures on their tummy’s that represents their personalities.

The 40th Anniversary edition bear is a beautiful medium plush 35cm bear. The bear is a pink and purple ombré colour with unique silver sparkles in her fur. She has a beautiful pink castle with a rainbow clouds and Herts embroidered on to her tummy. The number 40th is embroidered on to her foot. And a Purple Heart on the other. She has a deep Purple Heart nose. She has super soft fur making her hugely huggable Each collectors edition bear comes with her own certificate of authenticity to mark the special occasion.

Care-a-Lot is never afraid to show how much she cares. Her passion to care for her neighbours and her community, bringing kindness and love to everyone she meets is what she cares most about!

Care-A-Lot is highly collectable and suitable for ages 4yrs plus. You can get your very own collectors addition from any of the following retailers

John Lewis

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