Bright Fairy Friends

Shine Together Mermaids 

Such a beautiful box that has turned for ivy. I wonder what it’s holding inside.

I don’t know many children that don’t love a surprise but it’s one of Ivys Roses most favourite things. Bright fairy friends has 6 unique surprises with each doll which are located in blind bags. The fairy’s are housed in a cute mason type jar that has twinkle lights in the lantern that the dolls come in.

Each lantern has a unique mermaid fairy doll, stickers a brush and a secret bottle. Some are different and come with nail accessorise stickers or a cute bath sponge. Each doll has a stand that comes with her and either a mermaid tail or fairy skirt.

The fairy’s homes light up which are motion activated when you are near the sensor. I love the concept that the lantern can be used as a night light without my child realising. I like that You are able to reuse the lantern over and over again as you are able to change the battery’s. Each fairy has a button located in the Center of the wings or chest pending which doll you have and when pressed the wings light up.

Here you can see the twinkle lights, all you do is switch it on which is located at the bottom of the lantern.

You can then take your fairy or mermaid doll to bed and sleep with the twinkle lights on each night. The mermaids and fairy can watch over the young child while they swoop her off to the land of fairy’s and mermaids.

Ivy loves to play with dolls. Each doll move starting at the top the head moves side to side. She bends at the waste and her arms and legs are movable. The dolls are made from durable plastic.
Ivy decided she would make a wish

There are 12 fairy’s and mermaids that you can collect and enjoy swooping all the accessories from one doll to the next. There is Rosie, Dali, Opal, Penny, Dani, Harper, Lily, Sunny, Fleur, Nina, Cami and Sophie in the collection

You are able to follow them along with their BFF adventures with all new animation on the BFF Bright Fairy Friends YouTube channel.

You can purchase your very own Bright Fairy friend from most uk mainland Smyth stores for £9.99

How cute are the miniature dolls and accessories

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