BeKind Dolls

Meet friends Koral, Brianna, Ivy , Nora and Daisy who are all best friends. They enjoy being kind to one another and the environment. The best friends are on a mission to change the world and it’s people by educating them to be more kind to the environment.

What are the BeKind Dolls?

I’m always looking for eco swops to be more kind to the environment. And to teach my children about being more eco friendly with suitable swops. We have recently found the BeKind Doll which are more than just a fashion doll. They are fully made from recycled materials and all the packaging is reusable so non is going to waste. A feature I love is the handle is made of ribbon which could double up as a bracelet / hair ribbon or even be used for crafts.

The ink on the packaging is made from soybeans how cool is that. The fashion clothing and accessories are made from sustainable materials to promote the sustainable fashion industry. Each doll is 6.25 inch’s and comes with fashion accessories like a hairbrush and cute pet friend, a plant pot and eco fabric sticker sheet .

Who are the characters?

  • Nora encourages others to be kind to your self.
  • Daisy loves to take care of animals and is passionate about spreading ending cruelty to animals.
  • Brianna loves to help her community and the environment.
  • Koral loves the ocean and tries to inspire others to minimise plastic waste.
  • The 15cm Doll characters to collect are Rose Avery, Joy Marie, Harmony Sue , Summer Bree and Torquoise Ann

What’s included in the 15cm BeKind Dolls

you will find in each set the following-

  • A 15cm (6 inc) doll with an outfit
  • 1 x Pair of shoes
  • A small pet
  • Fabric stickers
  • Two cute accessories 
  • Cardboard scenery cutouts

What age are the BeKind Dolls suitable for?

The BeKind dolls are suitable for children ages 3 years and above due to the toy containing small Pieces its not recommended for younger children.

Where to purchase the BeKind Doll range?

Amazon currently stock Have Ivy Brianna Daisy Koral Nora for £29.99-£39.99 for the larger Doll based on my search October 2022

Tescos currently stock the dolls for £12.99 each this is for the 15cm doll With a price range of £11.99 to £12.99 for the 15cm size dolls there is only 3 to collect. stock checked October 2022.

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All images are our own. The items was gifted for our honest review

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