Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom should be a place of relaxation and enjoyment, a place to unwind.
mine well looked like something out of a horror film,

Mixed matched tiles, the previous tenant had decided to paint the black tiles and then all the while ones too so I had peeling walls, Rotting wood on the window sill no upstairs toilet facilities, a huge chip in the bathtub that will catch your ass and give you a nasty bite on your bottom. no shower and was generally extremely run down, uncared for and the smell of rotten wood and mould lingered no matter how many air fresheners I placed in there.
Time to change it up

Before Renovations started

So to start with the bathroom needed to be inspected to see what needed to be done and if I could have an up stairs toilet and to give me the clear.
once the gentalman came out the news was good as I already had a waste pipe installed on the external(outside) wall and it would be a case of attaching to it.
secondly an electrician had to come about wiring an electric show in, then of course a plumber for the toilet, the water pipes and to connect it all up from the loft. I had the all clear and the vision in my head of what I wanted I could get.
next huge step was shopping with my measurements I’m one hand, and a list of stuff I’ll need to get. Source equipment tools and of course borrowing what I’m couldn’t get I was set to go.

Let the stripping commence

Day one

With a skipped delivered it was a case of capping everything off to make it safe.

then with a hammer and chisel I was then set out to work, ripping out the bathtub sink and then chizeling off the tiles. And filling that skip up.

By 3 pm I Was left with a blank canvas and plenty of dust. Once the flooring had been replaced and the walls repaired. Now the fun can begin.

Fuck what I didn’t need think of is when the delivery guys turned up with my new bathroom where am I storing everything.

so as the guys unloaded the van in to my living and having the kids make an assault course with my bathroom. It was rather funny to see them sit in the tub one on the toilet seat eating there McDonald’s. Dam I really wish I had taken a photo of it.

also what I didn’t think of is it that I can only wash myself and the kids with a bucket and flannel and it’s February so it’s freezing.
so I decided to pack pjs in a bag drive to my in-laws and shower everyone as we was rather dusty.

Bathtub is in, the frame is built to support the tub, then the gruelling work of manually filling the bathtub up with water so it can set over night.

Day three, the plumber and electrician is back to wire in the shower, and the electrician to do his thing before tiling could start.
once everything was in place tiling can start.

once the tiles was all fitted and the grouting which bye the way was a very messy job .
I opted for black grout as wanted a low maintenance bathroom and white grout just wouldn’t look right. Then it was a case of attaching the toilet and sink.

To up-cycle my Radiator

~ I Dusted and cleaned between the radiators ridges. There is probably a tool for this but I pocked a cloth with a kebab stick and it all fell out the bottom, it worked a treat. No the simplest of tasks but it done it.

~I used Elbow Grease to clean the front and the back to remove the excess grease and yuk build up for years and years of being neglected.
~ Once cleaned I then used Radiator paint in white and applied a thin coat to the front and the back. Following the guidelines left to dry for two hours then Applied a second coat. And left for 24 hours before being attached back to the wall.

was happy with my up cycle project and looked new. Next to paint my door white and lay the Lino down.
shower all hooked up and there is running water now all tiles needs scrubbing down from the grout

Then my favourite part was to clean the whole bathroom. I used bathroom cleaner by Astonish a Minky and a microfibre cloth.
once I was happy I then could accessorise my new bathroom

~ Bath Mat is grey with a sparky hint brought from Matalan Brought for £8 as was on offer

~ Bathroom Towels & hand Towel also brought from matalan in dark grey I paid £30 as was in half price sale

~ Bath Board I purchased on Amazon for £19.99 it’s wooden

~ Green Bamboo tree plant (fake) purchased from The Range for £12.99

~Silver potted white roses from The Range £3.99

~ Reusable shampoo conditioner body wash & bubble bath white pump bottle I brought on eBay for around £12 for the set.

~ silver crackle effect Toilet brush plus hold from Amazon and I purchased the matching light switch, toilet roll holder and hand towel ring and then the toothbrush pot. And a bin to match if you buy the whole set you saved money

~ Tiles are actually floor Tiles brought from Selco in St Albans

~The additional items such as the grout/ door trims/ silicone / plaster/ plaster board/ wood all purchased from Selco in St Albans

~My bathroom suit I brought on eBay Brand new for £100 and they even delivered it to me.

~ I brought my shower screen from Argos in the sale £4o.

~ My electric shower/ mixer taps/ pipe/ and all the attachment I need I brought from Selco.

~ My bathroom print I got from eBay for £3.99 including delivery.
and the frame is from B&M for £2.99

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