Easter Bunny Gift Bags

DIY Easter bunny craft bags are the perfect quick craft to hold all those mini treats on Easter you can fill with chocolate or an alternative treat. They make perfect gift holders for friends and family members giving it the … Read More

Easy Eco Friendly Easter Crafts

Easy eco friendly kids craft ideas for the not so crafty parents and those parents with less time on their hands. You can create mean full craft memories with your children that that can be over and done in 10 … Read More

boy jumping over bar the wipe out bar playing the game

Stay Active Jump It Wipe Out

How to keep kids active ? Keeping the kids active and healthy along with being motivated is tuff which is why I’m proud to be a stay active ambassador. They have been helping me with ideas to try and test … Read More

close up of Giga Bot fully assembled with girl in background holding

GIGABOTS-Energy Cores Grip Bot

Story behind the GIGABOTS The GIGABOTS energy cores For a whole millennia the GIGABOTS have been stuck on planet earth lay dormant inside energy cores. During a recent deep core mining expedition several GIGABOTS were discovered and activated by a … Read More

Super Cute Little Babies

Meet four adorable Super Cute Little Babies Who are Super Cute Little Babies ? Super Cute Little babies are adorable babies with unique super powers who have been choosen to protect the environment and to teach children to love and … Read More

BeKind Dolls

Meet friends Koral, Brianna, Ivy , Nora and Daisy who are all best friends. They enjoy being kind to one another and the environment. The best friends are on a mission to change the world and it’s people by educating … Read More

Unique Eyes Dolls

Unique eyes dolls are beautiful dolls with unique eyes that magically follow your gaze. There is three characters to collect two dolls come in play sets, unique eyes Total look Amy,Unique eyes beauty day Sophia and last but not least … Read More

Paint Pop Sticks

Paint Pop Paint sticks are the perfect introduction to painting and creating those master Peices us parents love to keep. They are bright and colourful giving children a chance to be creative in a new and exciting way. They are … Read More

Care Bears / The True Heart Bear

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of The Care Bears to think they have been around that many years. We have True Heart Bear. True Heart Bear is a Care Bear who was one of the two co-founders of Care-a-Lot … Read More

Simple Elf On The Shelf Ideas

The Absolute Best Elf On The Shelf Ideas you wouldn’t of thought of, The best part about placing your elf around the house is that the options are endless. You can do something silly simple or extravagant and I promise … Read More