AquaPlay – Mountain Lake Smoby

Each section needs these rubber seals applying to the red connector which is a little fiddly but essential to the build so there’s no water leaks. To assemble each section you would click each Peice together. Ivy helped assemble the … Read More

Paper FX – Upcycle ! Go Create

How awesome is it that your little one could create anything their little heart desires with the Paper Fx machine. Using any old paper/ magazines/newspapers laying around the house. And your little one could turn them into a stylish coin … Read More

🪄That’s Magic Big Box Of Magic Set 🪄

What could be even better than adding some magic In to your child life? Buying them a magic kit gives them the opportunity to create their very own magical illusions. Ultimate fun and magic begins right here with the mega … Read More

Games Night In With The Kids

As the festive season draws closer and closer we have began to think about christmas games to play with the kids and our family members. We have two games to share with you which was a barrel of laughter for … Read More


Ultra Your Pen Your World Bring a young minds imagination to life with the IDO3D pen, Get set and create your own 3D model straight from your child’s imagination or they can use the two stencil on the instructions to … Read More

Bright Fairy Friends

Shine Together Mermaids  I don’t know many children that don’t love a surprise but it’s one of Ivys Roses most favourite things. Bright fairy friends has 6 unique surprises with each doll which are located in blind bags. The … Read More

K’nex Amazin Coasters

Twist, Turn, Dive & Swoop … The K’Nex Amazin’8 Coaster building set let’s you build a real working roller coaster in your living room. As you may be able to see the K’nex Peices are a lot thinner than your … Read More


Let your Crystal power shine !! Crystalina dolls are super cute light up mini fairy dolls. They light up with multi-colour aura patterns that empowers you with there unique aura. To activate firstly press the button on the bottom of … Read More

Glo-Up Girls Show your Glo

Ivy Rose has been sent the newest on trend fashion doll which has over 25+ surprises and an exciting face mask for the doll and Ivy. Ivy has the doll called Sadie, There are 6 Glo-up girls to collect and … Read More