AquaPlay – Mountain Lake Smoby

On Arrival of our AquaPlay Ivy Immediately new what would be inside and was super excited to set to work.
The huge box was full of all the part so I would set an hour aside to assemble together. The instructions was very simple and straightforward to follow. There was also different ideas you can use to reassemble in a new and exciting way for your little one to enjoy over and again.

Each section needs these rubber seals applying to the red connector which is a little fiddly but essential to the build so there’s no water leaks. To assemble each section you would click each Peice together. Ivy helped assemble the trees and the smoby flag at the top of the mountain. She also helped by problem solving which yellow dam fitted where.

It’s much bigger than I originally expected

The AquaPlay mountain lake is one of those toys that would withstand all weather conditions outside so no need to keep packing away and assembling again. It’s very strong and sturdy

Once assembled we set to work with filling with water using our hose
It’s time to fill the fort with water

There is different gates that hold water in different sections. Ivy had loads of fun discovering what yelllow door did what? And also working out how to refill that area again with water,

We discovered how to regulate and refill the locks and move water up the mountain using the pump that moves water from the bottom of the mountain to the top, this was a huge highlight.
I wonder what will happen if I opened this mummy ?? Ready set pull!!!
A huge wave of water ! Aahhhhhh

With our play set came two characters Nils the Frog and Bo the bear. A speed boats and a sail boat that can be used to explore the huge mountain, ride your speed boat down the slippery waterfall before cruising the Canel system.

3,2,1 whoosh

Ivy enjoyed placing the speed boat at the top of the water fume and opening the dam for a gush of water to push the boat down the slide

Ivy enjoyed navigating the waters

This is not suitable for under 3years

Available from click to vue at Amazon & John Lewis

Disclaimer this has been Gifted

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