Is Tonka a right of passage?

For well over 70 years Tonka is the high light of toy trucks from all over the world, and been rolling in to children’s imaginations for generations.

I remember playing with my own fleet of trucks as a youngster and so does another few generations of mine.

Tonka inspires young minds to get creative and tell story’s, It helps young children get moving and active while igniting the flame of fire deep with in discovering there abilities.

There is a few types of Tonka Trucks , in my blog I’ll be sharing with you the steel fleet.

The Tonka Steel Classics Fleet is built with Tonka Toughness with real steel! These sturdy, steel construction vehicles are ready for the toughest of loading jobs!

Toughest Mighty Dump
Tonka is getting back to its roots with the Steel Classics Toughest Mighty Dump Truck! Built to last and withstand even the toughest Tonka kids, this is a deluxe version of the Classic Mighty Dump Truck! It features movable wheels and the dump part holds a large amount of soil sand rocks all ready to be moved around by young minds,

In this range There is also a – Front Loader dump truck – A Bulldozer and the Mighty Dump Truck.

So the question I asked at the beginning is Tonka a right of passage in my eyes yes, all of my children have been playing with Tonka toys when they reach age appropriate and have always been a firm favourite of ours, along with two other generations owning Tonka Trucks the trucks will out live many of the kids toys and can be passed down through the generations, They are extremely durable very sturdy for young hands and the most played with outdoors toy in a long time.

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