We are part of the stay active ambassadors campaign this year and for August I bring to your attention Kickerball. A fun engaging way to become more active with the kids, And I’m pleased to announce Kickerball it allows you to swerve curve and kick like a pro. How it does this is that the ball has special panels inside that are made from aerodynamic materials that allows the air to flow around in ways that a normal football doesn’t.

A fun engaging way to get those kids off the screens and more hard work in the garden entertaining them selfs with a football. with three trick shot to learn this will keep you entertained for hours.

As soon as the ball has arrived it was put to the test

Kickerball is suitable for ages 6 years and above its a brilliant ball for playing with friends and family members and a great way to introduce football. It comes inflated and ready for its first kicks. The box has some instructions on how to best get the most out of your Kickerball as it’s no ordinary ball.

Trick shots to learn

Side of the balm – To learn side of the ball kick on the left hand side of the ball to make it go to the right. Kick the ball on the right hand side to make it go to the left.

Under the ball

Strike the ball from underneath to make the ball launch up in to the air.

Center the ball

To strike the Centre of the ball make sure you hit underneath where your laces are and make sure to adjust the power of the kick.

You can purchase you own kickerball at for £17.99

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