School Resources

Learning Resources for children due to the Covid-19 outbreak

For children age’s from pre-school up to open university

I never in my life expected to have to Homeschool all my children. In this uncertain time that we find ourselves in a sea of the unknown. With many questions that go un answered. Tuning in to the BBC’s live press conferences at 17:00pm daily to catch up on the global outbreak of Coronavirus And Within 7 days our life’s have been turned upside down, then being advised to self isolated for a minimum of 12 weeks if you have health condition, or over the age of 70. you see I have severe Asthma, so does my daughter along with epilepsy. So we fall into.

With that advisory from the government I came to the decision on the 18th March a Wednesday that I will be taking my children out of school to go in to isolation. Funnily enough it was that same day that Borris Johnson announced at 5pm that’s school with be closed in the next 48hours for the forceable future. Us parents are left to home educate our children. SHIT a pure nightmare and sheer fear filled my body.
Now most of us was given a small teaching pack and it contains

A purple mash log in, A Times Table Rock Stars log in, A class email address.
A writing book, A ruler, A pencil, A pen. Some printed work seats and a written letter from your teacher.
Great and this is supposed to get me through at least 12 weeks if not more.

Once I had put the children to bed that night, I sat down with with zippy packs to see what I needed to do.
As I held this I’m my hands I thought this is my children education for the next well god knows how ever long.
So I hit the big wide web in search of age related resources for my kids. As No amount of preparation And Gin was I going to be able to educate three children at the same time all at different levels. Not to mention I’m there mother and they don’t listen to me anyways.

Theres hundreds of resources and to save you scrolling for hours like I did I have written them down with the links and I hope you find it useful.

Useful Websites

Twinkle – Twinkle is currently offering a FREE months subscription. Suitable for reception- secondary school. FREE Download of resource packs. Age groups 3-5/ 5-7 7-9 / 9-11 / 11-16.

BBC Bitesize – Primary Secondary and Post-16 sections. From Monday 20th April bitesize will be publishing daily online lessons for all ages. They are also adding a TV channel full of learning content, Podcasts

Audible– Free for as long as school are closed, Audio books from nursery age up to late teens. No charge no subscription.

Blue Peter Badges

Red Ted Art – cute and easy crafts for kids.

The Imagination Tree – arts and craft for the young ones

Travel and Leisure – 12 famous museums offering virtual tours.

Reading Eggs – An online/downloadable app to phone or iPad, It Helps Age groups to learn to Read in a fun and engaging way with games and activities. An award winning online reading program for age 2-13years.

Virtual Tours –

Phonic Play– Lots of games and ideas to explore. To gain FREE access Log in with this information-Username ~ march20 password~ home

Username ~ march20
password~ home

Phonics Bloom – online phonics games

Science Sparks – Need some FREE fun ways to enjoy science experiments young and older, super easy and many using household equipment. For ages year 1 to year 12+

Ur Brainy – Maths Worksheets & English Worksheets, Also offering a FREE Home Study Packs. Suitable from reception 4-5 years to year 6 SATS.

Kiddy charts – free printable, activities sheets

Cool Maths For Kids – An amusement park of games, lessons , and much more. It’s designed and based around maths and in a arcade style.

National Geographic Kids– Great place to let kids interact on about our planet. Quizzes giveaways

Mystery Science – Free membership

TKSST – Educational videos for young curious minds.

Oxford Owls – FREE ebooks, Interactive games and activities.

Seneca aimed at GCSE or A level you can pay for access to higher level material.

Open learn – Free taster courses aimed at those considering open university but everyone can access it. Adult level. learn

Blockly – learn computer programming skills – fun and free

Scratch – Creative computer programming

Duolingo – Learn languages for free on the web or using an app.

Open University– free short courses for teens, parents wanting to learn something new.

Futurelearn– Many Free online short courses in higher education from older children and adults. Most are 6 week courses such as Computer Programming, Culture and Tourism, Safeguarding Adults you can also do a degree. Only pay to upgrade if you want a certificate in your name

The Crash Course – High Quality educational videos aimed at secondary and college level classes. Also on YouTube

Crest Awards – Crest is a scheme that’s inspires young people to think and behave like scientists and engineers. Working with age 5-19

iDEA– Free mini courses in many subjects – Coding/Social media/blockchain/

Pawprint Family – Free printouts, certificates, Reward charts , Activity Ideas challenge Packs, competition. It costs for the badges from as little as £1 but is not essential to buy.

There’s a large selection of parent forums with many resources that parents have come together to support one another. One I found rather Useful is Corona Lockdown Parents Activity Support Group.

little Red Boots -illustration by Kathryn Coyle – live watercolour & drawing tutorials every Monday & Friday 2pm for all ages.

Wingham Wildlife Park. Starting the week of 6th April live park tours all week.

Activities For babies and toddlers

Red Ted Art

Wiggle And Giggle Music and Movement Class -baby’s/toddlers and preschool age music and singing of nursery rhymes by the wonder staff of wiggle and giggle.

The Body Coach – PE with Joe,

Maths 4 Kids

Crash course kids – educational videos for primary school

Crashcourse – secondary and college age students

My Smart Learning – key stage 3 and 4 science lessons given by a secondary school teacher

Cosmic Kids

Number Blocks – preschool

Printable worksheets/Colouring pages

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